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Wood Fence

Wood fence is a great way to add privacy, protection, and aesthetics to your property. A cedar fence is both beautiful and versatile. If you desire a more natural look, cedar wood fencing is the ideal choice! It can be customized to complement the look of your home and is long lasting when properly installed and maintained. Durable and attractive cedar has been a staple of fencing in the Boise area for many years. Cedar fences resist rot and stand up well to the elements. However, cedar is not a maintenance free product and we recommend staining/treating the fence at least once a year to expand its lifetime. The hardware and fasteners we use resist corrosion and will not react with either the natural oils or preservatives in the wood. Whether you paint, stain, or let your fencing weather naturally, it will have a high quality appearance.

There are a large variety of cedar fence styles to choose from or we can create a custom design to meet your needs. If you have a design in mind, just show us!

The most common styles of cedar fence in the Boise area include:

- 1x6x6 dog ear cedar picket privacy fence on wood or steel posts
- Good neighbor style alternating panels
- Picture frame
- Board-on-board picture frame

Additional styles to choose from include: 


- Semi-privacy picket
- Grid top or lattice top
- Horizontal

Vinyl Fence

PVC or vinyl fence can be found throughout the valley. It has become the fence of choice in the Boise area and accounts for nearly one-half of all fencing industry projects nationwide. Vinyl fences have many advantages that make it so popular. Beautiful style options and low maintenance makes vinyl fencing a wonderful choice for your home or business.

Vinyl fence has a higher wind rating than traditional fence styles like cedar and there is no painting or staining involved.

Although lightweight, vinyl fence is a very strong product that won’t decay, rust, or become compromised by pests. Since vinyl fences are moisture resistant, they will never blister, peel, or rot. This makes these fences great for surrounding swimming pools and sprinkler heads with no concern over water damage. Vinyl fence is also flexible, which allows it to hold up under harsh winds and heavy precipitation.  

All PVC fence products are backed by a limited lifetime guarantee on the material against manufacturer’s defects and our 1 year labor warranty.

Vinyl fence is easily cleaned with a garden hose and doesn’t require routine upkeep to maintain its consistent appearance. It also lends itself to time and money saved on repairs down the road. If a piece of fence material becomes damaged, it is usually easily replaced rather than replacing an entire section of fence.

Vinyl fences come in a variety of different colors. We stock white, tan, adobe and gray. We also offer a variety of "wood look" vinyl in colors that resemble stained wood fencing. You can customize your fence style and mix-and-match colors to your preference.

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron, ornamental iron, decorative steel fence, metal fence systems, even aluminum fence... no matter what you call it, whether it is custom fabricated or a pre-fab product, wrought iron fencing provides an elegant and sophisticated style with unmatched durability.

There are an array of ornamental fence types and heights to help fit your budget and project specifications.

Modern prefabricated "rackable" panels allow the fence to be adjusted to the landscape slope and keep minimal gaps at the bottom of the fence – even on a hillside – and eliminate the "stepped" look of traditional wrought iron fencing. 

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