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Enhance Your Home’s Value and Exterior

Fencing can be a beneficial and beautiful add-on to any house, especially when you want to put it on the market and get the best price possible. A fence has numerous advantages: It enhances the look of your property, makes potential criminals think twice about entering, and secures your pets and kids. If there’s an unpleasant view from a particular part of your house, a tall fence will block it. Say goodbye to having to look at your neighbor’s unkempt backyard or at a nearby busy thoroughfare.

Here’s another plus: A home’s fencing can favorably affect its sale in that potential home buyers who appreciate visual privacy and physical boundaries will love that they won’t have to spend their own time and money to have a fence put in.

Turn to Rocky Mountain Fence & Construction (RMFC), a locally owned and operated small business that’s been serving residential and commercial areas in the Treasure Valley for 30 years. You will be pleased with Rocky Mountain every step of the way, from helping you choose the fence that’s right for you—wood, vinyl, ornamental iron, chain link, post and rail, or custom—to installing it with perfection.

Ambitious do-it-yourselfers should know that the excellence of a fence’s installation is crucial to its appearance and longevity. Your intentions may be good, but fences put in place by well-meaning amateurs are far less likely to be attractive and stand the test of time. In a nutshell, most fences that weren’t installed by a professional look like they weren’t installed by a professional.

RMFC has earned the trust of hundreds of customers, and we pride ourselves on our thorough and excellent service. For an estimate on your project, call 208-995-5059, email or fill in the form on this website. We will be happy to serve you!

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